Support your users like never before

Start finding bugs and gathering feedback visually like never before. You get to decide to create a full support experience or use our bug and feedback only widget.

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  • Illumination creations
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  • Generate leads while supporting users

    Leads are automatically pulled from bug and submission requests and can be sent directly to your CRM.

  • Configure the widget with ease

    One snippet of code is all you need to provide support for your users and effectively collect feedback.

  • View bugs and feedback from your users

    View bug and feedback submissions on the submissions page within a few clicks. Less clicking with our tracking code.

  • View performance of your widget easily

    See valuable statistics on the performance page within a particuler date range. Stop guessing how many negative responses and know when to act.

  • Get feature requests from your users

    Users can submit feature requests directly in the support widget with our roadmap feature accessible inside the widget.

We integrate with thousands

Our handy widget can by integrated with almost any tool whether you want to send data to Hubspot, or want to send a Slack message.

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